Marloes Henckens


Group leader 

Marloes J.A.G. Henckens, PhD 

Assistant professor / Junior principal investigator 
Department of Cognitive Neuroscience
Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
Nijmegen, the Netherlands



PhD students 

Bart Dirven, MSc

Project: (Epi)genetic signature of susceptibility to post-traumatic stress disorder
Co-supervised by Dr. Judith Homberg & Prof. Tamas Kozicz 

Dewi van der Geugten, MSc 

Project:  Better safe than sorry? The role of the extended amygdala circuitry in generalized fear and anxiety
Co-supervised by Dr. Judith Homberg, Dr. Marijn Kroes & Prof. Hans van Bokhoven

Sevgi Bahtiyar, MSc

Project:  Memory generalization by stress: a neurobiological investigation into the effects of glucocorticoids on modulating memory accuracy and systems consolidation
Co-supervised with Prof. Benno Roozendaal

Chunan Guo, MSc

Project:  Modulation of neutral episodic memories by stress hormones (noradrenaline and corticosterone) over time
Co-supervised with Prof. Benno Roozendaal

Qi Song, MSc

Project: Neurobiological underpinnings of noradrenergic modulation of item memory
Co-supervised with Prof. Benno Roozendaal

Floriana Mogavero, MSc

Project: The involvement of CLOCK genes in modulating attention and aggressive behavior
Co-supervised with Prof. Jan Buitelaar & Dr. Jeffrey Glennon


Kari Bosch, MSc

Project: A positive take on depression: augmenting antidepressant efficay by inducing juvenile-like GABAergic plasticity
Co-supervised with Dr. Judith Homberg, Dr. Dirk Schubert & Dr. Janna Vrijsen

Maxime Houtekamer, MSc

Project:  Discovering a neural signature of emotional memory reconsolidation across memory systems
Co-supervised with Dr. Marijn Kroes & Dr. Judith Homberg 



Kubra Gulmez-Karaca, PhD

Project: Stress effects on memory accuracy vs generalization: Testing a new model based on influencing the temporal dynamics of memory consolidation 
Co-supervised with Prof. Benno Roozendaal 


Research interns 

Teya Daneva, BSc

Erasmus Exchange student 
Master student Neuroscience
University of Glasgow, United Kingdom


Liz Waajen, BSc

Master student Medical Biology
Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Mark Schaap, BSc

Master student Medical Biology
Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Andriana Botan

Bachelor student HAN University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

Hariharan Mahadevan, MSc

Guest researcher 


Graeme Preston, PhD

External PhD student at Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, US 
Project: Inter-individual differences in mitochondrial function and susceptibility to stress-related psychopathology
Co-supervised with Prof. Tamas Kozicz  

Pieter Schipper, PhD 

Project: Smart coping: serotonin transporter gene variation and environment interact in determining the behavioral adaptation to stress
Co-supervised with Dr. Judith Homberg & Prof. Tamas Kozicz
Thesis defense: 20/10/2017