Marloes Henckens


Group leader 

Marloes J.A.G. Henckens, PhD 

Assistant professor / Junior principal investigator 
Department of Cognitive Neuroscience
Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
Nijmegen, the Netherlands



PhD students 

Bart Dirven, MSc

Project: (Epi)genetic signature of susceptibility to post-traumatic stress disorder
Co-supervised by Prof. Judith Homberg & Prof. Tamas Kozicz 

Dewi van der Geugten, MSc 

Project:  Better safe than sorry? The role of the extended amygdala circuitry in generalized fear and anxiety
Co-supervised by Prof. Judith Homberg & Prof. Hans van Bokhoven

Floriana Mogavero, MSc

Project: The involvement of CLOCK genes in modulating affective and aggressive behavior
Co-supervised by Prof. Jan Buitelaar & Dr. Jeffrey Glennon

Sevgi Bahtiyar, MSc

Project:  Memory generalization by stress: a neurobiological investigation into the effects of glucocorticoids on modulating memory accuracy and systems consolidation
Co-supervised with Prof. Benno Roozendaal

Chunan Guo, MSc

Project:  Modulation of neutral episodic memories by stress hormones (noradrenaline and corticosterone) over time
Co-supervised with Prof. Benno Roozendaal

Qi Song, MSc

Project: Neurobiological underpinnings of noradrenergic modulation of item memory
Co-supervised with Prof. Benno Roozendaal


Kari Bosch, MSc

Project: A positive take on depression: augmenting antidepressant efficacy by inducing juvenile-like GABAergic plasticity
Co-supervised with Prof. Judith Homberg, Dr. Dirk Schubert & Dr. Janna Vrijsen

Maxime Houtekamer, MSc

Project:  Discovering a neural signature of emotional memory reconsolidation across memory systems
Co-supervised with Dr. Erno Hermans & Prof. Judith Homberg 


Ana Carolina Temporao Marques Filipe, MSc

Project:  Neuro-epigenetic mechanisms of aberrant memory processing in PTSD 
Co-supervised by Dr. Johannes Graeff (EPFL) & Prof. Judith Homberg 


Kubra Gulmez-Karaca, PhD

Project: Stress effects on memory accuracy vs generalization: Testing a new model based on influencing the temporal dynamics of memory consolidation 
Co-supervised with Prof. Benno Roozendaal 


Archana Kolikil, PhD

Project: Effects of early life stress on the gut-brain axis and the development of the neuronal stress response.  
Co-supervised with Prof. Judith Homberg


Graeme Preston, PhD

External PhD student at Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, US 
Project: Inter-individual differences in mitochondrial function and susceptibility to stress-related psychopathology
Co-supervised with Prof. Tamas Kozicz  

Pieter Schipper, PhD 

Project: Smart coping: serotonin transporter gene variation and environment interact in determining the behavioral adaptation to stress
Co-supervised with Dr. Judith Homberg & Prof. Tamas Kozicz
Thesis defense: 20/10/2017